How to Set Up Bundle Discounts and Quantity Breaks in WooCommerce

Hey there, online shop owners! Looking to bump up your sales and get customers to buy more? You’re in the right spot. Let’s talk about something cool – bundle discounts. And guess what? I’ll show you how to set up these nifty quantity based discounts in WooCommerce. It’s easier than you think!

Quantity Breaks and Discounts for WooCommerce
Boost Your AOV with Quantity Breaks & Dynamic Pricing on WooCommerce

Understanding Bundle Discounts

Imagine this: the more your customers buy, the more they save. That’s what bundle discounts are all about. It’s like telling your customers, “Hey, grab more stuff and get a sweet deal!” This strategy is great because your customers get more bang for their buck, and you see your sales climb.

Why Do Bundle Discounts Work?

It’s all about making your customers feel like they’re getting a special deal. When they see they can save by buying more, they’re likely to grab a few extra items. More items mean a bigger sale for you. It’s a win-win!

Happy Customers, Happy Store

Bundle discounts aren’t just about making more money. They also make shopping fun and rewarding for your customers. When they get a good deal, they feel great about their purchase. That good feeling can turn them into loyal fans who keep coming back.

Using Data to Make Smarter Bundles

To make bundles that your customers will love, take a peek at your sales data. See what products people often buy together and make those into a bundle. It’s like putting together the perfect combo meal that your customers can’t resist.

Clear Communication is Key

When you roll out these bundle deals, make sure you tell your customers all about them. Be clear on how the deals work and what they need to do to get the savings. People love transparency, and it builds trust.

WPIron Bundles & Quantity Breaks Features

Easy Setup

Fast and easy plugin install, prices setup using plugin.

Works with any Theme

Plugin is tested in multiple WooCommerce themes across the most popular.

All Product Types

It works with all product types – simple, variable, grouped and other.

Quantity Breaks

You can add quantity breaks to any products individualy.

Min/Max Quantity Values

Set minimum and maximum purchase quantities.

WPML compatible

Plugin is compatible with WPML, the multilingual WordPress plugin.


Native Design

Plugin has been developed using Native WordPress design system.

Native Bulk Actions

Bulk editing options and support for any product-related properties.

Introducing the WPIron Plugin for Easy Bundle Discounts

Now, let’s make things happen. Check out the WPIron plugin. It’s a game-changer for adding bundle discounts to your WooCommerce store. It’s super user-friendly and lets you set up cool pricing tiers on your products without any headache.

Check the video tutorial below 😉

Final thoughts

We hope this article has helped you learn more about Quantity Breaks & Bundle Plugin by WPIron and its capabilities.

Revamping your e-commerce approach can be simpler than you think. Embracing bundle discounts can significantly lift your sales and boost the average value of orders.

You now understand how leveraging customer behavior and smart pricing can transform your business. With these valuable tips in hand, you’re ready to implement these tactics and see your online store flourish.

Quantity Breaks and Discounts for WooCommerce
Boost Your AOV with Quantity Breaks & Dynamic Pricing on WooCommerce

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